Call Me Back or Don't but if You Don't I'll Keep Calling




37 voicemails from someone that I never met but saved in my phone as "HUSBAND"


"I guess I should just get used to the fact that you know, you fire off your nonsense and you're lawyer bullshit and your fucking emails and then you don't answer the phone, and you know, you don't have the fucking courage or the wherewithal to like confront me or deal with me or just be fucking honest. And the forthright and I guess I just gotta stop being disappointed by that because that's just who you are and what you do. And I guess once I accept that, I won't be frustrated by your chicken shit fucking behavior, so whatever. I'm just really fucking mad and you owe me a phone call. Okay. Cause again, if I did the same shit to you, you'd be fucking furious. Alright, so whatever."
- Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards through voicemail